Things not to miss when you are out there shopping for a washing machine

When we get a new washing machine, we expect them to last for quite a few years. With a myriad of marketing jargon and a wide range of accessible choices, it is not easy to make a final decision. We have prepared a complete guide to help you make an informed decision to get the best washing machine in Pakistan.

We are working under a goal to help to find the best washing machine within your budget and to make sure that you do not miss out on the modern features as well.

1- Cleaning Power of a Washing Machine

There have been some significant advancements in washing machines in recent years. These machines have become more advanced and energy-efficient. The most significant change was the removal of the agitator from a washing machine. Modern machines are quieter and tend to clean effectively than their predecessors.

2- Water Filter

A water filter is a useful feature to have in a washing machine. The basic purpose of a water filter is that it does not let any impurities get into the washing machine saving the tub and drain pipe from harmful objects. Waves' washing machines are equipped with an advanced water filter that not only filters out any object left in your jeans pocket but also turns the hard water to maintain the freshness and colors of your clothes.

3- Anti-Shock Body

This is yet another useful feature to have in a washing machine. This safety feature not only protects you from any electric shock from the machine's body but also keeps the rust away. Waves' washing machines have an anti-shock body with plastic drums. These drums are easy to clean and does not get corroded by harsh hard water.

 4- Double Water Inlets & Turbo Jet Water Fall

Water inlets are usually on the back of your washing machine. Their basic functionality is to manage the entry of water into your washing machine. They work as a gatekeeper. Turbojet waterfall gives a deep washing and fast rinsing to give you the best laundry experience. Waves washing machines are armed with these two useful features.

5- Pricing

Price is one of the most important things to consider while you are out there shopping for a washing machine. Washing machine prices in Pakistan depends on the features and specifications. Waves offer the best washing machine price in Pakistan as compare to the features their washing machines come with. These machines have powerful gear motor along with many other useful features making them essential for Pakistani households.  

6- Size & Efficiency of Washing Machine

The size of a washing machine is directly proportional to your family members. If you have a large family smaller washing machine would not do any good for you. Top-load washing machines tend to be narrower than the front-loaders. You should also consider your laundry space when you are out there getting a washing machine. A washing machine should also be energy and water-efficient. Waves has copper wiring washing machines that save energy in the long run.

This article would help you make an informed decision about getting the best washing machine in Pakistan within your budget. Waves is Pakistan’s one of the most trusted brands when it comes to home appliances. We would suggest that you get a washing machine with a dryer because winter is just around the corner. Order today and enjoy amazing prices. 


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