Difference Between Freezing & Deep Freezing

Could you imagine a world without fridges or freezers? Nowhere to place all that chicken that just went on sale or that old curry your mother needs to store? We sure cannot. One way or the other has always been around through which people have stored food and perishables ever since prehistoric times. At the time when deep freezers and fridges were not invented, people used to snow and ice to store food they had hunted.

While the methods were prevalent, they were still very risky. It was not until the 20th century that the idea of commercialization of frozen food came about. With the idea came two distinct processes as well. Freezing and deep freezing.

What’s the Difference Between Freezing & Deep Freezing?

Both slow and deep freezing are techniques used to preserve food. Slow freeze is achieved through our domestic chest freezers that come with almost all refrigerators while deep freezers are now typically the single-lid large appliances that are used solely for freezing.

The major difference in the methods is the way the universal end-product is achieved. In domestic top-mounted freezers, the temperature of the food is slowly brought down over 24 hours to achieve the freezing temperature of -18 degrees.

On the other hand, in deep freezers, the food is thrust into an environment that is already -18 degrees as the core of the food drops in temperature and reached -18 degrees in an hour or so.

Key Differences to Note Between Freezers & Deep Freezers

Although, as we see, the purpose of both types of freezing is the same, there are two differences that should be noted between the two appliances.


The most major difference between a fridge and a freezer is that a top-mounted freezer is placed on top of a fridge and has the maximum capacity of up to 150 liters. Deep freezers, on the other hand, are horizontally placed and can have capacities over 500 liters, depending on their size. The deep freezers also don’t come with any shelves or drawers, making it easier to store perishables, no matter what the size.

Energy Efficiency

While you may think or feel otherwise, deep freezers, specifically Waves deep freezers are around 25 to 30 percent energy-efficient. This may be due to the better insulation and the fact that the freezer door is not opened as frequently.

This was just a basic round-up of some differences and functions of both chest freezers and deep freezers to make your choice easier for you. The price of deep freezers in Pakistan is affordable, especially if you check Waves deep freezers and with Eid-ul-Adha approaching fast, we suggest that you get the best deep freezer that you can and resolve all your storage issues promptly.



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